While there are many reasons why people might want to put up their own marijuana greenhouse, perhaps the biggest reason today is because marijuana users want to grow their own plants. Folks that use a lot of cannabis spend a huge amount of money on their cannabis consumption. While marijuana should be much cheaper than it currently is, the huge demand for weed causes its price to stay very far above what it ought to be. The only real solution for many cannabis users is to just grow their own product. Among cannabis users that have started to use greenhouses to grow their plants, there are also a great many of them which prefer to grow their own weed because it allows them to create the perfect plant for their needs. The way in which cannabis is grown has a huge effect on what the drug produces in its user. Weed users can use controlled settings in their greenhouses to make their cannabis just the way they like it, something that a large weed dispensary probably can’t do.

Marijuana greenhouses make it easier for growers to take care of their plants. Almost everyone knows that using a greenhouse to grow any sort of plant means that the plants grow faster due to the greenhouse’s ability to provide the exact growing temperatures that are needed for each specific plant. When it comes to weed, there are several other reasons why the greenhouse makes cannabis cultivation less difficult. The greenhouse helps prevent the spread of plant diseases, many of which have been responsible for the destruction of huge cannabis farms just last year. Sites such as,, reported that their number one customer of 2016 were cannabis cultivators that had decided to ditch the risk of growing outside because of the recent spread of plant diseases. When it comes to a crop as delicate as cannabis, all it would take is a breeze to come along and spread a plant based disease from one area to the next, but with a greenhouse, and its unique air filtration system, keeping the air around plants pure is easy to achieve.

The cannabis greenhouse is being used increasingly as a way to protect plants from humans as well. The price of cannabis today is out of this world. The recent legalization of cannabis in five new states, coupled with the medical industry’s increasing dependence on cannabis as a way to fight many illnesses, has put weed in short supply. Anytime a crop’s value begins to make it a target for thieves, the greenhouse becomes a good way to help provide extra protection for plants. It is not uncommon to see greenhouses with high tech security systems, shatter proof glass and in some big cities, security guards. When a cannabis harvest could represent tens of thousands of dollars, the right things have to be done to avoid getting ripped off. Growers that have been worrying about the security of their plants lately, should get one step ahead of the criminals and beef up security in their greenhouses.

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